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An unforeseen IT problem: already work has come to a standstill. Pressure is increasing and time’s running out;
– Failures may mean that a project must be postponed. Costs and the satisfaction of employees or your customers are at stake. In such situations our IT Helpdesk System is there to help you: If there are problems, questions or failures your employees can consult our Service Desk. We record faults and requests in a structured way and create tickets, which we process transparently. This process inclusive ticket system helps you to quickly find solutions for your concerns.

Your service specialists.

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Thanks to our IT service desk and ticket system: We can ensure a fault-free, normal working day.

You can unload these time-consuming requests on us and reduce the number of processes in your company. Mutually, we define the precise workflows beforehand and help you to provide the necessary IT services for your employees and by doing so still manage to reduce the load on your IT. Your employees experience a fast solution, the start of structured and easy to understand tickets enabling continual feedback and the solution to your problem. Implement this workflow and avoid your employees being interrupted in their work for long periods, which may result in time-critical projects becoming delayed. Our service desk will quickly help you, backed up by a structured process.

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Why should you employ ARP's Service Desk in your company?

The number of terminal devices, software and applications that are used in today’s normal working day is constantly increasing. User productivity within a company depends upon how well they are supported when they use their IT in order to ensure the best possible productivity. Ever increasingly, tasks and IT services are being bundled together for the IT teams and end user dependence on functioning IT terminal devices, software and applications determines the productivity of the normal working day. An internal ticket system means a higher administrative expenditure, which can be quickly outsourced. Using our help desk, your IT team will experience a work load reduction because they are no longer responsible for the ticketing. Using an outsourced service desk you also optimise the processes in your company.

Overview of the advantages you will gain by using the central IT Service Desk:

Short reaction times.

Modern remote shared service desk with short reaction times and greater problem solving competence

Fast solutions.

Classification and fault elimination and enquiries relating to standard applications

Central services.

Such as user management, software distribution and supporting of mobile terminal devices

Reduction in IT load.

Reduction in your IT load due to help desk outsourcing.

Structured and easy.

Structured ticket system for your company

Service Desk: Overview of our services:

The services provided by our help desk vary according to the previously established scope of services.

Standard Services.

  • Central point of contact for receiving requests and faults via e-mail, telephone and fax.
  • Acceptance and forwarding of tickets, which can not be solved in the Service Desk, to downstream support units.
  • Supporting of end users using desktops and notebooks*
  • Remote desktops for quick support in the event of faults and for support requests.
  • Regular service review meetings.
  • Creation of monthly standard reports according to the system.
  • Annual customer satisfaction survey.

Optional Services.

  • Rollout support.
  • Customer specific ACD announcement text.
  • VIP support.
  • Support for customer-specific applications.
  • User management, e.g. Active Directory, SAP, Citrix etc.
  • Support for end users with tablets and smartphones (iPhone und iPad)

* MS Office 365, MS operating system version 7 or newer, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) version 2007 or newer, Internet Browser (MS Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox)

Ensure that you have competent processing of your requests and fast error correction so that your employees can concentrate on what is essential. The system will be developed and implemented according to your requirements so that you can use the advantages of the ticket system to its full extent and use additional IT services suited to your IT infrastructure. We would be pleased to support you and relieve your IT department.

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