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In companies there are complex processes that entail high costs and large amounts of effort. It is precisely large companies that are affected by this – but also small and medium-sized companies can reduce their costs through process optimisations. The digital transformation has nearly reached all companies, also the Purchasing departments: the digitisation of manual processes is just as important as the right structure – even when it involves Digital Procurement and the IT purchasing of software, hardware and consumables.

Is the purchasing process in your company structured and do you have an overview of the purchases that are made? In many companies, then as now, there is “maverick buying” – meaning that the employees order from many different suppliers. The aim is to obtain the products as cheaply as possible but also to order them independently of the central organisation. Both can end up being expensive, because many people do not have the process costs in sight here. IT Procurement is more than simply buying from suppliers: the underlying processes are often not considered and the entire Purchase to Pay process is not examined closely. Ordering from many different suppliers causes a large amount of time to be taken when selecting the right suppliers and when comparing bidders. On the other hand, the costs for accounting, order processing and billing also increase, if service is required then it is necessary to search for the corresponding contact person or for the procedure for returns – this quickly becomes a challenge that could have been avoided.

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IT procurement – from purchasing to billing. 

Procurement comprises both strategic as well as administrative tasks. This includes the drawing up and management of request for quotations (RFQs), requests for proposals (RFPs), requests for information (RFIs) and the management of supplier relationships. The day-to-day tasks include the carrying out of market research, the negotiating of prices, the definition of terms and conditions for services, resolving discrepancies in billing and notification of the status of purchases to internal customers. 


These distinctly complex processes can also be simplified by eProcurement solutions – digital procurement by integrating the materials management system with the system of the supplier or with digital purchasing through customer shops of the corresponding vendors.

Digital IT Procurement: strategic, fast, cost-saving.

In purchasing it is easily possible to cut costs using digital procurement routes, as studies have showed. Thus, the use of IT Procurement solutions can result in a wide variety of advantages and improvements:

  • Processes can be slimmed down and speeded up. This not only affects the oder operation but also the billing. The entire Purchase-to-Pay process is accelerated along the entire Supply Chain.
  • It gives a better overview. There is a large number of vendors in the market. Concentrate on just a few suppliers. If you work together with them in the form of digital IT Procurement solutions, then you can keep an overview of the orders.
  • You can act and react quicker. The required IT hardware is delivered faster - this can contribute to the success of various projects.
  • The billing process is speeded up and slimmed down, since this is done digitally.
  • Transactions can be tracked better, incorrect orders can be eliminated easier.
  • Costs can be reduced in the long term, since the focus on selected suppliers means that special conditions or framework agreements are negotiated beforehand.

Thus, it is worth taking a look at the topic of IT Procurement: You can make considerable cost savings, simplify your purchasing and be able to see the purchasing behaviour of your employees and the trends at a glance.

Whether a clearly understandable customer shop with integrated approval processes, your specified product selection and simply ordering routes or our partially or fully integrated eProcurement solutions: we make your IT procurement easy and would be glad to structure it digitally – look for information on our solutions or just give us a call. We would be glad to advise you!

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